A while ago my roommate did my make up and took pictures of it for one of her projects in school. I of course chose to be made up in kitty inspired make up :P She’s incredible with make up and I had SOOO much fun getting this done. My hair was a mess but the main point of these pictures was the make up. So jealous that I can’t do my eyeliner like this every morning D: 



Anonymous asked:

Dear girlfriend

kittiesandtitties1 answered:

Dear Girlfriend

You suck.

Kidding, you’re incredible. You knew every inch of me inside and out and still stay with me through my annoying moods and even when I’m angry and just can’t get over it. You know every button to push to make me mad or annoyed at you and still want to kiss you all at the same time. The very best part of myself is you baby. You make me laugh louder, smile bigger, sleep easier, and love everything about life, even the shitty parts. U tlk lyk dis wif mi and make me giggle at 3 am, you shovel out my drive way when we’re both really hung over just because I want McDonalds and never judge or hold it against me. You let me win when we’re arguing over what movie to watch more often than I let you and you spend the entire movie cuddling me and you finally learned to shut up when the movie is playing and eventually I will get bored and turn it off to kiss you. I crave every bit of your attention at all times of the day (even when I’m cranky and want to be alone) and you never seem to give up on me even though I can get bossy and mean sometimes. You’ve never yelled at me, not even raised your voice at me ever so thank you, I couldn’t bare it if you did. You lay in bed with me all day and tickle me and make jokes with me and we lay there until all hours of the night laughing so hard I think my lungs might burst. Then, when we finally fall asleep and I wake up to a “Good morning baby” and feel your kisses on the back of my neck, I realized I’ve never loved mornings as much as I do now and nothing has ever felt like home the way your body does to me now. I love you. I am so uncontrollably in love with you and every last thing you do, I can’t wait for the rest of our life together.

On my way, love. <3 

my girlfriend loves me <3